Angel Eyes
Earl Brent
Matt Dennis
September, 1958
September, 1958

"Angel Eyes" is a song featured in Frank Sinatra's 1958 Capitol album Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely.

Although in the Reprise era, Sinatra performed this song in several of his late concerts, including five of his live albums: Sinatra at the Sands, The Main Event – Live, Sinatra Saga, Vol. 2, Sinatra 80th: Live in Concert, and With the Red Norvo Quintet: Live in Australia.

Releases Edit

Studio recordings
Live performances

Lyrics Edit

Hey drink up all you people
And Order anything you see have fun you happy people
The drink and the laughs on me

Try to think that love's not around
Still it's uncomfortably near
My old heart ain't gaining any ground
Because my angel eyes ain't here

Angel eyes, that old Devil sent
They glow unbearably bright
Need I say that my love's mispent
Mispent with angel eyes tonight

So drink up all of you people
Order anything you see
And have fun you happy people
The drink and the laughs on me

Pardon me but I got to run
The fact's uncommonly clear
I got to find who's now the number one
And why my angel eyes ain't here

Excuse me while I disappear

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