As You Desire Me
Allie Wrubel
Allie Wrubel
November 20, 1961[1]

"As You Desire Me" is a song Frank Sinatra recorded under an arrangement by Don Costa for Sinatra's 1961 Reprise album, Sinatra and Strings. This session took place on November 20, 1961.[1]

"As You Desire Me" was initially to be the opening track to the album, but in the final stages of the ablum's production, Sinatra and Costa agreed that it should be Ray Noble's "I Hadn't Anyone Till You." Sinatra did a total of ten takes on the song, but was never truly satisfied with his result, so he pitched that the song be removed from the track listing. The song was later featured in the later compact disc versions of the album (with the exception of the 1998 remaster).

Releases Edit

Studio recordings

Lyrics Edit

As you desire me, so shall I come to you,
Howe'er you wander, so shall I be,
Be it forever, or be it just a day,
As you desire me, come what may.
I doubt not but you will do what you will with me,
I give my life to you 'cause you're my destiny.
And now, come take me, my soul is yours.
As you desire me, I come to you.
And now, come take me, my very soul is yours,
As you desire me, I come to you.

References Edit

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