This article is about the Jerry Livingston song, for the 1959 album, see Close to You (album). For the Burt Bacharach and Hal David song, see "(They Long to Be) Close to You."
Close to You
Jerry Livingston
Al Hoffman, Carl G. Lampl
June 7, 1943
December 26, 1943
November 1, 1956

"Close to You" is the title track of Frank Sinatra's 1959 album Close to You.

Though recorded as the title track of his Close to You LP, the Capitol recording of the song was Sinatra's third rendition of the song. Sinatra performed the song during his time with Columbia Records, recording the song in June of 1943, and later in that year in December.

History Edit

"Close to You" was initially written in 1943 by Jerry Livingston. The lyricists behind the work were Carl Lampl and Al Hoffman. The song was introduced by Sinatra during his time with Columbia Records, and has since become a standard.

Releases Edit

Studio recordings

Lyrics Edit

Close to you - I will always stay
Close to you - though you're far away

You'll always be near - as though you were here
By my side
No matter where - in my dreams, I'll find you there

Close to me - sharing your caress
Can't you see - you're my happiness

Where ever you go - my heart will go too
What can I do
It only wants to be - close to you

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