Get Me to the Church on Time
Frederick Loewe
Alan Jay Lerner

"Get Me to the Church on Time" is a song Frank Sinatra never recorded in a studio session, but performed the song several times during his mid-1960s concert tours.[1]

One notable release of the song is in Sinatra's first live album, his 1966 Reprise album, Sinatra at the Sands.

History Edit

"Get Me to the Church on Time" is a song written by Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner from the 1956 musical My Fair Lady. The song was performed by Stanley Holloway and has since became a jazz standard.

Releases Edit

Live performances

Lyrics Edit

I'm gettin' married in the morning
Ding-dong the bells are gonna chime
Pull out the stopper, we'll have a whopper
Get me to the church on time

I've got to get there in the morning
Spruced up and lookin' in my prime
Girls come and kiss me, say that you'll miss me
Get me to the church on time

If I am dancing roll up the floor
If I am whistling, out the door

I'm gettin' married in the morning
Ding-ding-dong they're gonna chime
Kick up a rumpass, don't lose the compass
Get me to the church, get me to the church, for
petes sake get me to the church on time

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