I Guess I'll Have to Dream the Rest
Martin Block, Bud Green
Mickey Stoner

"I Guess I'll Have to Dream the Rest" is a song Frank Sinatra recorded under Columbia Records twice.

Sinatra first recorded this song alongside The Pied Pipers in 1940. Sinatra re-recorded the song in 1949 with The Whippoorwills. Both recordings of the song were released as singles.

The initial single version of this song in 1941 was released with a B-side of "Loose Lid Special," an instrumental. Only the A-side of this single charted, charting at #12.[1]

This song was released again a B-side single in 1950. This second rendition was released alongside the song "Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You)." This song didn't peak but the A-side peaked at #14.[2]

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Lyrics Edit

I guess I'll to dream the rest
If you can't remember the things that you said
The night that my shoulder held your sleepy head
If you believe that parting's best,
I guess I'll have to dream the rest.

I guess I'll have to dream alone
Of honeymoon cruises once dear to my heart,
Of one room apartments that we said we'd start
Of foolish things we planned to own,
I guess I'll have to dream alone.

I can see that your heart has gone astray,
As for me, I love you the same old way.
I guess I'll have to dream the rest,
There'll be no friends waiting to throw shoes and rice
Those heavenly moments will never come twice
I'm thankful for the hours you've blessed,
I guess I'll have to dream the rest.

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