I See Your Face Before Me
Arthur Schwartz
Howard Dietz
September, 1958
February 8, 1955
In the Wee Small Hours - I See Your Face Before Me

"I See Your Face Before Me" is a song featured in Frank Sinatra's 1955 Capitol album In the Wee Small Hours.

A live performance of this song can be found on the 1994 live album, Sinatra Saga, Vol. 2.

History Edit

"I See Your Face Before Me" was written by Arthur Schwartz, with lyrics by Howard Dietz.

Releases Edit

Studio recordings
Live performances

Lyrics Edit

In a world of glitter and glow
In a world of tinsel and show
The unreal from the real thing is hard to know
I discovered somebody who
Could be truly worthy and true
Yes, I met my ideal thing when I met you

I see your face before me
Crowding my every dream
There is your face before me
You are my only theme

It doesn't matter where you are
I can see how fair you are
I close my eyes and there you are

If you could share the magic
Yes, if you could see me too
There would be nothing tragic
In all my dreams of you

Would that my love could haunt you so
Knowing I want you so
I can't erase your beautiful face before me

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