Old Devil Moon
Burton Lane
E.Y. Harburg
January, 1955
July 18, 1963

"Old Devil Moon" is a song written by Edgar Harburg that Frank Sinatra recorded for his 1956 Capitol album Songs for Swingin' Lovers!. Sinatra later recorded the song in 1963 under Reprise Records as well.

History Edit

"Old Devil Moon" was composed by Burton Lane, with lyrics by E.Y. Harburg, in 1947. Ella Logan and Donald Richards were the first to record the song, for the 1947 musical Finian's Rainbow.

Releases Edit

Studio recordings

Lyrics Edit

I look at you and suddenly, something in your eyes I see;
Soon begins bewitching me.
It's that old devil moon that you stole from the skies.
It's that old devil moon in your eyes.
You and you glance make this romance too hot to handle.
Stars in the night, blazing their light can't hold a candle;
To your razzle-dazzle.
You've got me flyin' high and wide, on a magic carpet ride;
Full of butterflies inside.
Wanna cry, wanna croon, wanna laugh like a loon.
It's that old devil moon in your eyes.
Just when I think, I'm free as a dove.
Old devil moon, deep in your eyes, blinds me with love.

Other artists Edit

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