On the Road to Mandalay
Oley Speaks
Rudyard Kipling
October 1958

"On the Road to Mandalay" is a song that was originally a poem titled "Mandalay". Later, it was adapted into this song by Oley Speaks. Frank Sinatra featured this song in his 1958 album Come Fly With Me.

A live performance can be found on Sinatra's 1997 live album under Reprise, Frank Sinatra with the Red Norvo Quintet: Live in Australia, 1959.

Lyrics Edit

By the old moulmein pagoda
Looking eastward to the sea
There's a burma gal a settin'
And I know that she waits for me

And the wind is in those palm trees
And the temple bells they say
Come you back you mother soldier
Come you back to Mandalay, come you back to Mandalay

Come you back to Mandalay
Where the old flotilla lay
I can here those paddles chonkin'

From Rangoon to Mandalay

On the road to Mandalay
Where the flying fishes play
And the dawn comes up like thunder
Out of china across the bay

Ship me somewhere east of suez
Where the best is like the worst
And there ain't no ten commandments
And a cat can raise a thirst

And those crazy bells keep ringing
'cause it's there that I long to be
By the egg foo yong pagoda
Looking eastward to the see

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