Peachtree Street
Leni Mason
Jimmy Saunders/Frank Sinatra

"Peachtree Street" is a song Frank Sinatra recorded under Columbia Records. Sinatra performed this song as a duet featuring Rosemary Clooney.

This song was released as a single in 1950. The B-side of this single featured the song "This Is the Night." Neither of these songs charted, however.[1]

Lyrics Edit

(Say, Frank, you wanna take a walk?)
Sure, sweetie, just pick a street.
(Picadilly Circus) Aw I'd rather not. (Champs Elysees) Mais, non. (Times Square?) Nah.
'Cause there's nothing can compare with
Strolling along Peachtree street with my baby on my arm.
I got the sweetest peach in Georgia, and she just came off the farm.

(Strolling along Peachtree street, I'm happy as can be.)
(I've gotta thank the state of Georgia, for my baby's family tree.)
[Everybody in Atlanta knows what a treasure I found,]
I'm gonna set my gem if on the main stem,
[We'll spread lot of little peaches all around.]
I feel like a new millionaire, when I'm walking with my charm,
[Strolling along Peachtree Street, with baby on my arm.]

(You like Peachtree Street, Frank?)
Oh I love the place where are the peach trees?
(We'll have to go back a few years.)
Well let's turn around.
(Can't you see me in a hoop skirt,)
(Strolling along Peachtree street with a colonel on my arm.)
And I can tell that you're from Georgia, because you got that Georgia charm
(Strolling along Peachtree street, I'm happy as can be.)
Eh, we're all merry. How come the sweetest peach in Georgia help Mayville, Kentucky.

(Let's not get it around.) I can be reached.
[We'll be married in Atlanta, one happy man and his spouse.]
(And just as sure as you're born, we'll gather some corn,)
[And spread around a lot of little colonels round the house.]
I feel like a new millionaire, when I'm walking with my charm.
[Strolling along Peachtree street, with baby on my arm.}
Hey sugar. (What's the matter, honey chile?)
Well. I'm getting kinda tired. Will you rather carry me, or cal

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