Satisfy Me One More Time
Floyd Huddleston
Floyd Huddleston
July 1974
May 24, 1974
Some Nice Things I’ve Missed - Satisfy Me One More Time

"Satisfy Me One More Time" is a song featured in Frank Sinatra's 1974 Reprise album Some Nice Things I’ve Missed.

Lyrics Edit

Don't deny me, satisfy me one more time
Barricade me and invade me, just one more time
Sacrifice me, don't be nice, be wild and free
Make a sex-pot symbol out of little old me
Caress me, molest me, one more time
Excuse me and abuse me one more time
Excite me and ignite me with your sweet torso
Use your muscles, my corpuscles, want to go
assault me, attack me, lose control
Let's smother each other in a good old strangle-hold
There's nothing but loving on my mind
Don't deny me, satisfy me one more time
Compromise me, vandalize me, have a ball
Destroy me and restore me through it all
Demolish, disassemble and dismantle all my doubts
It's confusing, I don't know my whereabouts
Bite my ears, baby, nibble on my nose
Let your dimples put those pimples on my toes
So cover me with kisses, get yourself some calories
If you don't want me climbing up the wall
Don't fool around my fertile ground at all
While the cold is getting colder, just be sue
Everything's up in my body's temperature, jack it up
They're still a lot of groovy good things on the shelf
When you reach the cookie jar, just help yourself
Saying nothing, but the loving on my mind
Don't deny me, satisfy me one more time
Encore, encore, encore

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